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Semaine culturelle L’Ukraine et la Biélorussie

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Patriotism, Anti-Bolshevism or the Will to Survive
Olga Baranova (European University Institute (Florence, Italie))

24 mars 2006

Séance Conflits, différends ethniques et métissages présidée par Olivier WIEVIORKA, professeur en histoire contemporaine à l’École normale supérieure de Cachan
Patriotism, Anti-Bolshevism or the Will to Survive. Dilemmas of Collaboration and Resistance by Population of Belarus under the Nazi Occupation, 1941-1944 Why people at certain moment decided to join forces with the enemy who attacked and took control of their own country, what were the driven reasons for their behavior, and what alternatives were available under the conditions of occupation? These are the major questions this paper traces. The research seeks to provide a wide spectrum of explanations for the choice of collaboration with the enemy and to prove that what many historians and politicians conceive as akin to treason makes reference to a vastly more complex set of behavioral options as they were perceived at the time. The primary focus of the paper is on the forms, motives and goals of the collaboration movement in the case of Belarus. The paper reviews historiography and examines how the issue of collaboration was presented and treated in Soviet, Western and Post-Soviet national Belarusian writings. Furthermore, it analyses national, socio-economic and political preconditions of collaboration in Belarus and provides a historical explanation of the regional peculiarities of this movement. The paper examines the impact of Nazi occupation polices and the process of changing attitudes and positions by some people over time and their transition from collaboration to resistance in late 1943 - 1944.

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Non disponible Olga Baranova (European University Institute (Florence, Italie))