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Semaine culturelle L’Ukraine et la Biélorussie

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Crimean Culture on the Crossroads
Denis Ioffe (univ. Amsterdam (Pays-Bas))

24 mars 2006

Séance Conflits, différends ethniques et métissages présidée par Hanna MURAUSKAYA, doctorante en histoire de l’art à l’École normale supérieure de Paris
Crimean Culture on the Crossroads: From Moscow and Saint-Petersburg to Koktebel’ and Sudak. Crimea as a multicultural melting pot, Russian literature in the Ukrainian environs: the case of the ‘Silver Age’ period (Maximilian Voloshin and others)
In the course of my paper I will focus on the interesting role, reserved for Crimea in collecting of many important literary personae of the Modernist culture that were arriving to its borders from the two Russian capitals. Following the seminal depictions, given to Crimea by Maximilian Voloshin as regards the importance of its unique mythopoetical image, the proposed paper focuses on the specificity of the ways this peculiar ‘literary project’ (Koktebel’s ‘Dom Poeta’) was built up on the Crimean soil. There will be shown the particular usefulness of the historical ‘Crimean text’ for the various ‘life-creation’ (in German “lebenskunst”) attitudes, articulated by the major figures of Russian Modernism, who were dwelling from time to time within the Crimean hospitable shores.

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pictogrammeformat audio mp3 - ??? (erreur acces)

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