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Semaine culturelle L’Ukraine et la Biélorussie

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Europe’s Crossroads: What Language Shall Ukraine Use in 2101?
Vitalyi Radchuk (univ. Kiyv)

25 mars 2006

Séance Langues biélorusse et ukrainienne comme éléments déterminants des identités - Situation d’aujourd’hui et perspectives
What language will dominate in Ukraine soon? Ukrainian? Russian? English? Each contestant is widely spread and potent, yet none functions alone. Together they produce an unprecedented environment. Their contrasting vocabularies, grammars, euphonies, styles, dialects, even alphabets and accents interact so weirdly, variably and vigorously we should ask otherwise. What sort of (each?) language will our new generations speak and write? By what features of the land’s voice will the Earth recognize a future Ukrainian? The research removes blinkers of bias from the official statistics on the two tongues allegedly known in Ukraine. Obviously, more languages prove vital and allow translations among themselves.

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pictogrammeformat audio mp3 - ??? (erreur acces)

Non disponible Vitalyi Radchuk (univ. Kiyv)
Philological Institute of the Kiyv National University of T.Shevchenko (Kiyv, Ukraine)