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Séminaire général du Département TAO

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Earthquake Early Warning Systems – Bucharest and Istanbul Case Histories
Friedemann Wenzel (Karlsruhe University)

21 juin 2005

Shortcomings of information before, during and after strong earthquakes frequently aggravate the extent of catastrophes significantly. Real-time information systems can help to overcome this lack by providing rapid information for disaster management. In terms of a temporal hierarchy this starts with literal early warning a few seconds before the disaster strikes. Then shake maps provide near real-time information on the level of ground motion within minutes. As a next step damage estimates are provided which are based on previously developed models of vulnerability. These projections are continuously updated by observations from the field (air borne photos, ground reports, etc.). Key to real-time information systems is seismological instrumentation and real-time communication.

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Friedemann Wenzel Friedemann Wenzel (Karlsruhe University)
Geophysical Institute