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Séminaire Vision artificielle / Équipe Willow

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Video Google - Faces
Andrew Zisserman (Oxford University, UK)

7 décembre 2005

Matching people based on their imaged face is hard because of the well known problems of pose, size and expression variation. Indeed these variations can exceed those due to identity. Fortunately, videos of people have the happy benefit of containing multiple exemplars of each person in a form that can easily be associated automatically using straightforward visual tracking.
We describe progress in harnessing these multiple exemplars in order to retrieve humans automatically in videos, given a query face in a shot. There are three areas of interest: (i) the matching of sets of exemplars provided by "tubes" of the spatial-temporal volume; (ii) the description of the face using a spatial orientation field; and (iii) the structuring of the problem so that retrieval is immediate at run time.
The result is a preliminary "Video Google - Faces", able to retrieve a ranked list of shots containing a particular person in the manner of Google. The method will be demonstrated on several feature length films.
Joint work with Josef Sivic and Mark Everingham.

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Andrew Zisserman Andrew Zisserman (Oxford University, UK)
Visual Geometry Group