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Séminaire Vision artificielle / Équipe Willow

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Computer Vision and the Art of Special Effects
Steve Sullivan (Industrial Light + Magic)

2 décembre 2005

La diffusion des illustrations de l’exposé n’a pas été autorisée par Industrial Light and Magic
Computer vision techniques are now quite common in visual effects production. Camera matchmove, object tracking, motion capture, and image-based modeling have been used in hundreds of films and TV shows and are no longer considered exotic. In practice, however, they are far from robust or automatic, and the next generation of production technologies will demand major advancements in reliability, user interface, and real-time performance.
In this talk, I’ll disuss how computer vision techniques are changing the way movies are made, then cover a few technologies which promise major advances in the near future. Particular attention will be paid to virtual production, and the need for interactive data acquisition to bring directors onto the virtual set.

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Steve Sullivan Steve Sullivan (Industrial Light + Magic)
Director of Research and Development