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EALing 2007

Organisé par : Hamida Demirdache (univ. de Nantes)

Based on current research on the L1 acquisition of long-distance questions (in particular, in French), this course will explore some of the issues that the acquisition of questions and complementation/subordination raise for the syntax-semantics interface in language development. Issues discussed include the syntactic typology of LD questions (indirect/direct scope marking strategies, wh-copying, wh-clefts, wh-in-situ) and the felicity conditions of LD questions in L1 acquisition, presupposition projection and factivity, the syntax-semantic mapping in the acquisition of complementation and the implications of L1 data for the syntax of wh-in-situ in the adult grammar of French.
Prerequisites: Basic knowledge of (Principle & Parameters/Minimalist) syntax
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Hamida Demirdache (univ. de Nantes)

maître de conférence en Sciences du langage : linguistique et phonétique générales. LLING (EA3827)