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EALing 2007

Organisé par : Maria Polinsky (Harvard University, USA)

This course introduces the foundations of experimental work in syntax; building upon those, it examines several critical syntactic phenomena from the theoretical and experimental perspective. The phenomena include relative clauses, subject islands, scrambling, and A-movement. In analyzing each phenomenon, three general questions will be addressed:
(1) EXISTING THEORY: What is the appropriate theoretical treatment of this structure? Are there outstanding questions that have not been answered conclusively? What are the competing theoretical analyses of this structure?
(2) EXISTING EXPERIMENTAL WORK: What are the main findings of experimental studies with respect to this structure? Have these findings been able to distinguish between competing theoretical approaches to this structure?
(3) FUTURE WORK (THEORY AND EXPERIMENTATION): What kind of work is needed to resolve the outstanding issues?
Prerequisites: Some background in syntax is desirable
References: No reading will be required during the course but for each lecture I will provide a list of future readings.

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Maria Polinsky (Harvard University, USA)