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EALing 2007

Organisé par : Ian Roberts (univ. Cambridge)

This course will summarise and extend Chris Collins’ recent proposals regarding “smuggling” as a species of A-movement. I will suggest that smuggling derivations underlie a wider range of constructions than those discussed by Collins, notably Romance (and other) causatives, and at least certain cases of split-ergativity. The course will cover the following topics:
• Smuggling and locality
• Passives
• Romance causatives
• Split-ergativity
• Clitic-climbing in causatives
Prerequisites: Up-to-date knowledge of current syntactic theory (i.e. familiarity with the "Derivation by Phase" system).
Collins, C. (2005a) “A smuggling approach to raising in English,” Linguistic Inquiry 36: 289-298.
Collins, C. (2005b) “A smuggling approach to the passive in English,” Syntax 8: 81-120.
Roberts, I. (2006) “Clitics, Head Movement and Incorporation”, ms. University of Cambridge.

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Ian Roberts (univ. Cambridge)