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Pierson Jean-Marc

Pierson Jean-Marc (univ. Toulouse III)
Since September 2006, Jean-Marc Pierson serves as a University Professor in Computer Science at the University Paul Sabatier, Toulouse 3 (France). Jean-Marc Pierson received his PhD from the ENS-Lyon, France in1996. He was an Associate Professor at the University Littoral Côte-d’Opale (1997-2001) in Calais, then at INSA-Lyon (2001-2006). He is now a member of the IRIT Laboratory. His main interests are related to large-scale distributed systems, funded by several projects in Grids and Pervasive environments, with applications in biomedical informatics. He serves on several PCs in the Grid and Pervasive computing area. His researches focus on security, cache and replica management, and monitoring.

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